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Calm after the storm and a superhero.

With mummy feeling tired and not surprisingly, both her and little lady dropped off to sleep for the night. Not knowing if Meadow would wake again, as she normally does throughout the night. Mummy was woken up by Jesse in the early hours as though he was the energizer bunny. After a big sleep (there isn’t many of these) Meadow woke up at 9.30.

We told her when she woke up, that we were taking all of them to McDonald’s, after we picked Autumn up from her sleepover. This then started a world of excitement followed by a meltdown, due to the fact we weren’t going straight away, and that we would have to wait till we picked up big sister.

We ventured out down to shops to pick up a few bits for the morning, whilst being constantly questioned what time we would be going to McDonald’s, again having a meltdown due to it not being done at that point in time.

We picked up her big sister around midday and took the drive over to McDonald’s, whilst on the journey being asked, if we could sit inside and eat. Meadow isn’t great at being in crowded spaces, so we said that we would take it home to eat. She accepted this and we headed home to enjoy our food.

After eating her and big sister were allowed to go on their tablets (a god send as meadow loves the bright colours) it has a calming affect on her. After being on it for a while, the battery died and she asks if she’s allowed YouTube on the television. Due to the girls having their tablets, little brother was allowed to watch blaze on the television.

Meadow was told that she would have to wait for her pad to charge. This isn’t the response meadow wanted, and starts having another meltdown. Turning around and saying “you don’t understand daddy.” And “your just being mean to me”. Meanwhile both her brother and sister are engrossed in what they are doing.

After sometime, Meadow has calmed down to watch the television whilst I tidy the house, and mummy has a rest. I really underestimated how much sleep mummy misses out on, on a daily basis, whilst I work nights.

She surely is a SUPERHERO being able to tackle this, as well as being a mom and partner. Making sure everyone is accounted for before herself. I’m writing this as she sleeps between the legs of all three children, before I go to work and it all starts again. Hopefully and I say this every night, that she has a good night and sleeps well. Who knows if she will, but I am sure I’ll find out when I ring in during break.

From Daddy

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