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Can I have a break please?

Well, half term didn’t go to plan at all.

I ended up with a stomach bug, which unfortunately the children got, Meadow isn’t good being poorly. After 21 questions on why she is poorly, and when will it go away. This starting at 4am most mornings is not earlier, mummy needs a break. 

She was meant to be back at school on Monday but if still off due to illness, so far today alone I’ve had three meltdowns, one broken ladder for the bunk bed and endless screams. Mainly because she is coughing and doesn’t like it, or due to needing to go the toilet. 

To try and make her a bit more happier, we brought her the new my little pony colouring magazine. Hoping it calms her down enough to have at least 5 minutes of no screaming or crying. Most parents hate it when their children are poorly, but it’s even harder when they don’t fully understand what’s going on. 

The amount of times we’ve heard “you just don’t understand me” must be in the hundreds now. My only aim for tonight is to try and get at least 6 hours of straight sleep.

Wish me luck……

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