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Stress & Coping (sort of)

The stress levels sometimes within my home are ridiculous. Most days I am so tired by 10am, and because I’m not a coffee drinker it’s an even bigger struggle. Lack of sleep, meltdowns and destruction takes it toll. My coping mechanism has been smoking. YES, yes I know bad habit,not good. Yet I have decided today is the day I quit.

Quitting smoking isn’t going to be easy, and it’s going to leave me that bit more stressed out, but hey I’m feeling optimistic. 

My other daily crutch has been junk food, and lots of it. Mainly because it’s easy food on the go when running around after a toddler, and cleaning up after a meltdown. Proper meals for me are few and far between, normally take aways or a pork pie. Yet these past two weeks, I’ve cut down massively in the junk food and have been eating home cooked meals with the children.

The thing I would love to master the art of, is having a nice relaxing bath that actually last longer then 5 minutes. Just a nice long hot soak would be amazing, but unfortunately my brain and body have gotten use to quick wash what you’ve got to and get out. If I try and have a long bath normally someone joins me. 

I’m hoping to get back into writing a book I’ve had planned for years, maybe that might help me de-stress on an evening. 

Anyway I’m just rambling now….. wish me luck with quitting smoking. I’m sure I will update how I’m coping 

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