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What the hell happened…

Well today, just went from bad to extremely worse. It was Pj day at school, and with world book day yesterday, it all just got a bit too much for Meadow. As soon as she came in from school she had one massive meltdown. We’ve had screaming and crying and throwing objects about. We’ve had her tell us “you don’t understand me” more times then I can remember.

Daddy manage to calm her down with cuddles and story time together, and a nice treat for dinner. We went out to eat, he knows how to treat his princess.

Daddy seems to be magic, on days when he’s not at work. She loves having him around, especially when he hasn’t got work. 

Next week is going to be a tough one as well, as daddy has brought them all new bedroom furniture. So Meadow having a lovely nice expensive bed and her new weighted blanket, we’re hoping it’s a smooth transition. Hey we can hope haha.

Holiday booking has also taken place tonight, god we need one or three. Also treated the husband to Ed Sheeran tickets. 

Hoping to get a decent sleep tonight, wish me luck

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