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Birthday girl!

Well in just under 3 hours, it will be Meadows 5th birthday. 

Today has been a mission, we have had meltdown after meltdown because she wants the birthday bunny to come and bring her presents. We have had screaming and shouting, about how unfair it is. 

She doesn’t get that she has to wait, that she can’t have things straight away. I do wish sometimes I could make things easier for her. Or at least just a bit easier for me.

I forget sometimes she’s a child in herself. The last five years have been testing and joyful at the best of time’s.

Meadow has turned into a cheeky, funny, happy most of the time. She’s finally counting to five and can finally write 5 names.

Reading is a no go for her, we have tried for the past two months but she has no interest in it. 

This time 5 years ago, she was going to be a tiny premature baby, spending the next few days in special care unit, on a drip full of drugs to make her better.

Her pregnancy was the worst time of my life. Being put on bed rest from 28 weeks due to going into labour, to then hemorrhaging to be rushed to labour suite to have an emergency C-section if they couldn’t stop the bleeding. 

Which they managed, but she still can early. She can out sideways and was stuck, my placenta didn’t come away which meant I then hemorrhaged again and lost 2 1/2 litres of blood. From day one I should of knew, she was going to be the whirlwind child. The one to test my ability to parent, the one to also give me the most amazing feeling of what being a mother is.

I am thankful for her, I am grateful and honoured to be her mother. 

So the night before her birthday I want to thank my daughter for showing me that no matter what, love really does conquer all. 

Love you Meadow-Elizabeth xx 

Happy Birthday x

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