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Counting sheep……. I wish 

Oh sleep it’s a wonderful thing, many crave it, many can drop off so easily. Oh how I wish this was the case for us, sleep is hard to come by. A nice 6 hours sleep many take for granted haha, oh how I would love 6 hours of undisturbed sleep. 

How I would love to lay my head on my nice fluffed pillows and snooze. Yet most nights consist of a fight of wills, and who’s. 

Who will crave first, who will get the comfy spot, who will straighten the quilt for the millionth time. 

Will we get some sleep tonight, will she stop screaming and shouting, will she complain about being hungry for the 100th time. Will I be cooking her another lot of toast or sandwiches to tide her over till her 5am breakfast call. 

Oh how I would love her to be able to sleep and not wake up every other hour, I know she can’t help it herr brain is over active. I wouldn’t be so bad if I could drink caffeine till my eye balls burst, but I can’t as it gives me palpations. We have tried the weighted blanket, that didn’t work. We are currently waiting for sleep therapy, for the 2nd time. 

Sleep it’s a human right and ever so magically in a household that doesn’t get much. So next time you see me and I look like a zombie please don’t ask how much sleep I’ve had, because answer is most probably little to none. 

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