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Hectic household! 

Well this week has been so busy, with having the house re plastered. To having a new bathroom and kitchen fitted, to upgrading our family car. 

Both girls have been on trips, the eldest went to a singing performance last night. The Catholic school she attends, is involved in a county wide choir. She may only be 7 but she’s already wrote 3 songs, which they have learnt other children. She has an angelic singing voice and is in her element when she gets on stage. Daddy had just paid her drama school fees! Aaarrrggghhh at 12 she gets to pick whether or not she wants to attend a normal high school, or drama school. She’s growing up far too quickly but she’s becoming our very own superstar!.

Meadow, is doing good. She has gone on her first ever school trip today, we’re not to sure how that’s going to go due to it being at the cinema and her hatred for loud noises. Yet we will find out later. The school have also put her forward for speech and language therapy due to her being below average. Her academic ability is below average, we’re not surprised and not too concerned due to her needs. She may not be the most intelligent child in class, but she’s creative and funny, caring and loud. 

Jesse-James is excelling yet again. He’s nearly 3 and can count to 20, knows all of his seasons and months. The boy is genius for someone so tiny (fits in 1-2 Year olds clothes) he’s loving nursery. He goes twice a week moving up-to full-time soon. He is still daddy’s best friend, when daddy’s off work and Jesse isn’t at school they are always together creating mischief. You will never see a more amazing bond than what they share.

Back to the household, at the minute as you can see we’ve got a lot going on. So my free time is few and far between especially as I’ve been accepted back into university, to do my 2nd degree. This time in undertaking a law degree, last time it was psychology. Matthew is also finishing his teaching degree, and starting back at university to undertake a 2nd degree. 

I promise to keep you all posted on how everything is going 

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