Slowing down…..

One photo! Makes you realise everything. I don’t have many photos with me and all three kiddies in them, as I’m normally behind the lens.

When you become a mom, you become a protector, a therapist, a nurse, a maid, cook, cleaner, wizard, and a friend.

Yet most of all, you truly become the most amazing version of yourself. The tiny human/s that you have as your children, see you as the endless book of knowledge, a wizard that can show them magical world’s.

You become someone you never thought you could, you find yourself in situations you never thought you’d be in.

Yet every single day, both you and your tiny humans grow, many days you forget to slow down and soak up all the knowledge you get from them. You forget how fast time is passing before you, you tell them to wait and hold on. You put many pointless things before them.

We shouldn’t!

Slow down and enjoy this learning experience and childhood with them before its gone. Show them what a childhood and parenthood can truly be about.

Be the best person and parent you can be for them. Watch them flourish. Take as many photos with them as possible. Even if you don’t look like an instagram model!

Enjoy it! Love it! Live it!

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