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Half term fun……

Well, it’s the Easter half term. Which can only mean one thing. FUN!!!! 

We’ve been to the farms, beach, shopping till we can’t shop anymore. Crafted till we’ve been covered in glue and glitter. Meadow is loving not being at school, so are her siblings. I must admit, I dread half term but I also love it. Their daddy has been grafting hard at work all this week, just so we can go away again at the weekend. 

There are a good few offers on short terms holidays, from sites like Groupon or Wowcher, but if it honest I don’t do these offer holidays. I would rather spend that extra and have a decent holiday. Not slating them, but you get what you pay for. 

We’ve also booked our forth family holiday, this time we’re going abroad, not saying where as its a secret haha. We haven’t told the kids yet either, they will have the surprise when we get there. Sun, sea and sand. 

The only other major thing that’s happened during the holiday’s, is finally letting go of unimportant people and objects. We’re a family of five and have been for nearly two years now. 

It feels so good to be so blessed to have a decent father to my children, and I’ve been amazingly blessed to have an amazing husband as well. 
Catch up soon xx

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