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Relax and relaxation….

Well the joys of half term are over, the girls have been back to school for two days now, and don’t I know about it. Meadow has came home both days being meltdown central. Tonight she finally went to bed at 22.32pm. I normally wouldn’t mind having such a late night, but when she’s awake through the night this momma needs her rest. 

With the husband being at work throughout the week, the only relaxation time I get is during the weekend when he’s home. Yet I am then filled with guilt because he’s being working hard all week. So I can never win.

I’ve also started doing a new hobby to give me my very own outlet from stress. Craft items, which has been a god send. Creating my very own bows for the girls and family members and home decor items. If I get stressed I’ll turn on my glue gun and work away. 

There is one thing I’m looking forward to, and that’s a spa weekend I have booked. Just me and a spa and no kids, bliss. I know most mothers wish of going out with friends or to the pub. Yet me I’m looking forward to a nice quite relaxing weekend away. 

Well best sign off for the night as little miss Meadow has woken. It’s currently 23.54pm 

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