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So this week is a busy week, and a busy month. We’re finally having the whole house renovated inside and out. It will be a blank canvas when it’s finished. Then my new carpets can finally be put down.

All the new furniture that we have on order can be delivered. The walls can be painted and the decor can be done. I have no idea, how all this is going to work around, work, school, surgery and meltdowns, but hey we’ve got this down now.

Luckily the girls will be at school and Jesse-James will be in nursery. So hopefully the major stuff will be done while they are out of the house. 

I’m more happy that our new bed/ makeshift bed until the real designer one comes after the house is done. It’s super comfy, good job we paid for the super soft mattress haha. We have started buying all the little bits to make it nice and homely.

The girls New bunk beds have been ordered, Jesse’s new bed is on its way. Joys of only having three children in one house, you can go over the top with their rooms. Thankfully we won’t be adding any more babies to this house. We’re really happy with just 3.

Later on in this month or next Matt has surgery as well. Just to add to the stress of daily life haha. Oh the joys of a special needs family. 

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