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Birthday boy!

Well the youngest member of the family, turned three this weekend. 

He’s gone from a nice and calm baby, into a happy, cheeky, lively three year old boy. He’s so funny and kind, he dotes on his baby cousin, he’s best friend with his daddy. He worships his momma. 

Three years have gone so quick, scary to think next Year he will be off to school. Momma don’t want him to go school, let me keep him as a baby for as long as possible. Take in the world with him. See all the amazement on his face. When he discovers new things. Treasure every waking moment with all of your children, because before we know it they will be out of our arms. Setting up lives and families of their own. 

What I wouldn’t do, just to take in that smell of newborn baby just once more. Yet for now I take in the scent of mommas bear cubs. Follow them in this wonderful journey of life. 

Momma and Dadda are always here our precious babies. 

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