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The last jigsaw piece..

The last Jigsaw piece is always the best, it’s that missing link to making the picture complete, wonderful, exciting and beautiful. It’s that piece that finishes off all the distractions and hours, weeks and months of frustration. It’s that piece that makes you turn the whole house upside down to find, you search in every drawer, cupboard, shoe, pocket, you name it you look there. You can spend days, weeks, months or even years wondering if you will ever find it, and if you do will it make the picture perfect.

Well, my missing jigsaw piece was 5ft8 with blue eyes and black curly hair, a bit rough round the edges and so full of laughter and adventure. He came into our lives like a whirlwind, he threw out every expectation of what i thought my missing jigsaw piece would look like and be. He came with some baggage, but from the day he walked through that door we faced everything together.

He filled our home with life, love and laughter with a touch of grouchy. He wasn’t the missing piece i thought of many many years ago, but he was so much more than I could ever of dreamt of.

He has, been the most unexpected dream and wish come true. He is the most faithful, caring, courageous, funny, sensitive man I have ever known. He has held me down and helped me up. He came into this family when things were as rough as times could get, but he didn’t flinch or even blink, he stayed and he helped create the most amazing adventures.

Not saying everything has been plain sailing, because that would be a lie, but things have been changed. Life takes you on so many unexpected turns, some for the worst and some for the most amazing feelings.

Life is literally like sailing a boat across the ocean, you’ll go through so many choppy waters, until you reach your island. Which will be the most beautiful, wonderful, adventitious place you have ever seen.

So if you ever feel like giving up on the missing jigsaw piece, take it from someone who nearly did. Don’t! They are out there, somewhere. You will find them and it will be the most beautiful experience you will have ever known.

For those, who have found their missing jigsaw piece, treasure it! Think back to the times before you found it, the times when you were searching and hoping.

To my missing jigsaw piece. Matthew, I love you, and, I want to thank you for walking through that door. I want to thank you for everything you have done and still do, for me and our 3 children! You truly are a blessing from god! Your my missing piece, my beautiful island that I searched so long for.

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