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To my big sister….

In just under 38 days, you my big sister, my very first friend will be a married woman. At the tender age of 31, with 7 amazing children, you will be a married woman.

The road has been rocky, but on September 16th 2017 you would of done it!

What am I going to do without having my sister there, at all times, late night chats and random phone calls??

The past 27 years of my life you've always been there even through really crappy times. We have had many, many ups and downs. The first being me "killing" your 2 goldfish when I was 3, I have said sorry about that on many occasions. Pushing each other down the stairs just for fun, let's face it we were weird kids, don't think much has changed when we've gone into adulthood.

You were and still are the definition of a big sister, someone who's allowed to pick on you no matter what, but always has your back. Even when it meant me wetting your bed and leaving you to sleep in it. Even through some of our crappy childhood memories you were always there, always willing to put yourself on the line to protect and care for us.

All them days playing cricket and rounder down the rec, seem so far away. Horse riding together, camping in the garden, christmases together, holidays. Not saying we didn't have our awkward moments Jesus we had many of them. Like the time you refused to let me go home when your friend broke my collarbone, all because it meant you wouldn't get a day off school. Yet you were the one helping little old awkward me settle into the big wide world.

From the very first baby you brought into our family to the last. Each one being individually beautiful, to holding my hand while I gave birth to little Jesse-James Joshua.

I still can't believe in under 38 days my big sister, my very first friend, will officially be a married woman. What a beautiful bride you will make, Nick is one very lucky man to spend his life with you. He can know that he will always have a friend, a family and the most beautiful wife anyone man could want.

You my lovely big sister, have one of the biggest, caring softest hearts I know of. After everything that has happened in your nearly 31 years of life, you face everyday just like the next with a warm and graceful smile, and a little bit of humour.

I want to finish this off by saying thank you for not only being my big sister but for being my friend, my side kick, my shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold while bringing life into this world, a spare bed, a hug when it's thundering and every other little thing, that's makes you, you.

Vanessa Naomi Elizabeth Albrighton, you truly are the worlds best big sister.

Now go out into this world and make it sparkle, laugh and be more kinder

Love you always

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