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Being poorly and mum guilt….

Today is a bad day, I have never felt so run down. I always seem to get poorly during the school holidays. I had so many plans for today, I wanted to finish off painting the newly plastered bedroom. I wanted to take to the kiddies to the art museum. Get shopping and washing all done, cook some yummy dinner using SimplyCook.

Instead, I've gone to my sister last wedding dress fitting, which was really nice to see her, one more time in her dress before the big day. I then came home and flopped on the sofa, ever since then alls I have done is sneeze and have watery eyes. I cheated with dinner, they had KFC instead. The hubby was the main parent today, he bathed the kiddies and put them to bed on his own.

So I have a serious case of mum guilt today, feeling like a complete failure of a mother because I missed a whole 16hours parenting. I didn't do what I wanted to do, instead I had to take a day off. I went to bed with such expectations of what today would be like, instead it's been the complete opposite.

How many other mothers out there have a serious case of mum guilt from time to time??

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day. At least I know I have one of the best husbands and side kicks anyone could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “Being poorly and mum guilt….

  1. I reckon i get mum guilt everyday of my life. It goes part and parcel with having kids I’ve now realised but it’s endless, guilt they’re not doing enough, guilt they’re doing too much. guilt I’m too shouty, guilt I’m not disciplining enough and so it goes on. Hope you had a better day the next day. It sucks but I’m learning to live with it though it never gets easier. #KCACOLS

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    1. Mum guilt is the worst, still poorly, even worse now. So my mum guilt is very bad now, wish we could go the places I wanted and do the things I had planned


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