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Growth spurt….finally

Today is a good day! Jesse-James is finally! YES finally in 12-18months clothes, he is 3 years old, has just been diagnosed with Coeliac. So we're currently trying all new foods out, hoping he gains a lot more weight so he can grow bigger.

Having a tiny boy can be "cute" at times but sometimes is sooooo damn right annoying. I have seen so many clothes I've wanted to buy him, yet they are just to big. Constantly telling people not to buy him clothes for any special occasions because they won't fit him. When he's in pre school, he's the smallest one there, yet the liveliest child.

Don't get me wrong it can be a bonus him still fitting in baby sizes, one it's cheaper and two much cuter. Yet I sit there and think next year he will be going to primary school. I haven't come across baby uniform……. what am I going to do if he doesn't grow bigger by then???

I'm not going to let that worry me anymore though we will figure something out, but for today we will celebrate his new milestone in the clothing department.
Next step bigger shoes, let's hope he little feet grow as well. I need to now go back to my online shopping spree, buying him all new clothes.

Here's a photo of him in his new Disney onesie

8 thoughts on “Growth spurt….finally

  1. Aww, it is cute that he can still fit in baby clothes! I’m sure one day you will have the opposite problem, my son has so many trainers that look like new because he had hardly worn them before growing out of them! Thanks for linking up with #kcacols hope you can join in again next time 🙂

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  2. He looks adorable, congratulations about that milestone. I always worry over things too especially growth. I hope he goes through another growth spurt before he starts school next year #KCACOLS


  3. Ahh I totally get where you’re coming from it must be so hard. But I’m pretty sure my sister got her daughter age 2-3 school uniform for her daughter who starts full time in September. #kcacols


  4. Hopefully, he’ll start to grow soon. Once my neighbour found the right foods for her daughter she shot up. She’s really skinny but very tall. My son is just outgrowing his 6-9 stuff at 12 months. #kcacols


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