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Dear Mother…..

Dear Mother……

Mother dearest, I am writing this as a way of not only thanking you, but to also apologise as well.

I wish to start by thanking you, for not only bringing me into this world, but also always being there for me no matter what.
From the very first day of my life, I have always been able to count on you, for a hand to hold, a hug when times have been rocky and most importantly for always putting me in my place.

You were the one changing my pissy bedsheets every night until I was 13! YES THAT'S RIGHT 13! You had so much broken sleep because of my crazy ass growing up, you scared away the nightmares. Calmed my fears, helped me be who I am today.

You helped me ride my very first bike, you helped with my homework (well mainly art). You taught me how to tie my shoelaces, how to smack a ball across a field, and also catch the ball. You sat with me night after night, when my childhood anxiety attacks took over my life. Washed me when I couldn't wash myself, brushed my hair and teeth. You cooked for me, even in adulthood. I am thankful for every big and silly moment you have been my mother. Still to this day, I can always come to you with some silly idiotic idea, that has formed inside my head and your always there to guide me through this shit show that can be life.

You were the one who taught me to be the mother I am today, you showed me the ropes of Motherhood. You my dearest Mother, are the mother I can only hope to be. The Mother I hope my children can look back when they themselves are parents, and say wow are mum did good. No matter what, are mother was there for us. That's who we want to be.

Now I wish to also apologise, for, being the biggest, horrible, mardiest little shit that has graced this planet. I want to say sorry for every bad word I have ever said to you, during the heat of the moment. You know I never meant to, but I am sorry for ever hurting you. I also wish to apologise for the pissy bedsheets, no one should want to or have to go through that. Lastly I want to apologise for making you hate ice cream, but hey I still love the stuff now.

Anita Grace Albrighton you are my hero.

Love you lots xxx

9 thoughts on “Dear Mother…..

  1. Love this post to your mum. Mum’s are amazing in their unconditional love and support. I can be so horrible (yes still) to my mum on the phone and still she’ll put up with it, and accept my apologies and just be there no matter what. It’s only since I’ve had my own kids that I really appreciate what she’s done for me and I realise what a mardy brat I have been and can still be! #KCACOLS

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