Taking a time out….

So, as you can see i haven’t posted in a while. Well over 2 months ago to be factually correct. This is because we have had a lot going on at home, with me going back to university and the house being completely renovated. Also the kids going back to school and adjusting back into school life. I haven’t really had the motivation to write a blog post.

Sometimes we need a time out, a complete break from everything, to come back refreshed and more creative. As you can most probably tell my page isn’t like many other parenting blogs around. I write and share what’s going on in my life. Mostly through humour, and lots and lots of sarcasm. From ups and downs of not only parenting but trying to be a fully fledged adult..

As i said above my life at the moment, consists of doing my history degree, renovating a house and also planning a wedding. The one i find most stressful out of all of them, is my history degree, mainly because people can’t understand why i would want to do it. Yes i get history isn’t everyone’s favourite subject, but it is mine. I love nothing more, than to be sucked into a decent factual history book.

I promise, i will get better at this blogging malarkey, especially now the husband to be has just got me, a new laptop..

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