Encouraging talent!

Our eldest daughter Autumn, has a real talent for singing and acting. Since the age of 3 she has been singing her own songs. She even wrote her very first song at the age of 5, it wasn’t Grammy Award winning, but it was good.

Everyday you will hear her singing, she’s normally a shy reserved girl. Yet when she’s on a stage she is a completely different child. The confidence shines through, she is no longer shy and quite. She is loud, proud and happy.

We always encourage all 3 children to be whoever they want to be. Be that with our 3 Year old boy, wearing pink shoes. Or the 5 Year old being a food monster, we find it very important to let them shine.

Autumn so far this year has had 4 solo singing concerts, she does 2 musical theatre groups. Has started dance and will soon start gymnastics.

We haven’t pushed her into anything. This is what she loves, has a passion and a real talent for.

At the tender age of 7, she’s been offered a place at a private school for dramatic arts. This is a important decision us, as her parents need to make and make sure it’s the right choice.

One thing I know, we will always encourage the talent she has. She is our little superstar in the making.

6 thoughts on “Encouraging talent!

  1. How lovely that your daughter has such a talent and has found her niche and something she loves. She is very lucky to have such supportive parents, and that her talent is being recognised.

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