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The eardrum’s that stole Christmas!

I had so many expectations for Christmas this year, I’m a sucked for anything christmassy. I live for a house full of decorations and tinsel, presents stacked so high you can’t see the kiddies. The smell of cinnamon and spiced apple, the warm fuzzy feelings you get inside.

Well this Christmas starting going pear shaped a few days before hand, I wasn’t feeling very well at all, kind of sickness buggy/flu. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, all the house spotlessly clean. Santa had come and left all the gifts and a letter for the kiddies, like he does every year.

It was soon Christmas morning, the house was full of excitement and awe from 3 children’s faces. The look of amazement of what Santa had left. Roll on 11am.


Yep, that’s was my eardrum bursting, I was in absolute agony, painkiller weren’t touching it at all. I tried to carry on as I didn’t want to ruin Christmas, but by 2pm I couldn’t do it anymore. We packed the kids in the car and went to our local a&e, I was seen and then found out I had burst both my eardrums. I also found out I wouldn’t be able to hear properly for the next few weeks.

This was it for me! Christmas was officially ruin.

The eardrums that stole Christmas!!!

I couldn’t hear the children play, laugh and I was told not to go outside in the cold. So I couldn’t even watch them ride the bikes Santa brought them.

Hopefully next Christmas is less eventful.

15 thoughts on “The eardrum’s that stole Christmas!

    1. Definitely having a mini Christmas at Easter. It wasn’t ruined for the kiddies,but was for mummy as I couldn’t join in the fun,plus couldn’t hear them laugh


  1. Oh it is awful when illness steals Christmas. I remember one year sleeping through Christmas Day and Boxing Day with flu. It was horrific. Such a shame you missed out but at least you got through the morning with them. Fingers crossed for a better 2018 Christmas


  2. Oh no! Poor you, I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m so sorry to hear that some of your Christmas Day was spent in A&E, not the most ideal of places. But it’s good the kids enjoyed their Christmas presents, which is a good thing! Hopefully next Christmas is better for you.


  3. Awww no, that sounds so painful and what bad timing! I hope you still managed to enjoy some of your day and you’ll just have to go even more all out for Christmas 2018!


  4. That’s very painful! So annoying to happen at anytime but definitely the most annoying for it to happen at Christmas! Hope you still had a lovely Christmas x


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