So the adventure begins…

We’re off on an adventure this year. The adventure being expanding our family, from 3 kiddies to 4, we’ve being thinking a lot these past few months whether we would like to add to our family of 5. After much thought and debating, we finally agreed it’s something we both want, something to complete our family.

So this year is hopefully the year we will be able to welcome the last little Grantham in our home, we’ve spoken to the kid’s and the girls are excited. Jesse-James on the other hand doesn’t want another baby, he’s not liking the idea of not being the baby anymore. The only thing he’s excited about is if it’s a boy, he will get to have bunk beds haha.

It’s always strange having the conversation about having another baby, because you never know if your partner truly feels the same, my anxiety was through the roof having the conversation. Yet it turns out Matthew has been wanting another baby for the past year and half. So I have no idea why I was worried.

I never pictured myself with children growing up, I was never broody ever. Not even when I had my first baby, who is now 7 nearly 8. Fast forward to 2017/2018 and for the first time in my life, I’m so broody. I’m excited about trying to conceive, we’ve even brought the clear blue ovulation kit, Just to help us a little bit more.

Here’s hoping for good news during 2018.

Will keep the blog updated with our progress and hopefully be able to share the wonderful news of an extra Grantham Family member.

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