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House renovations… Wine needed!

Well it’s that time again, we’re staring our house renovations again. We’ve ordered a lovely kitchen from Ikea it’s nice white gloss. Simple, with lots of storage. Plus it’s been made to measure, so currently Matthew is ripping out our old cupboards and the tiles off the wall.

We have managed to finally wallpaper, we had to wait 3 months to put it up due to the walls being re-plastered.

Wallpaper from B&M £2.24 a roll BARGAIN!

Our next big renovation, is our new bathroom. Our toilet is currently separate from the actual bathroom, so we are currently looking at getting builders in to remove the wall and make one big room. So the past week we’ve been researching and shopping around for our new bathroom suite. This has been our hardest job yet, as me and Matthew just can’t agree on what style we want……

I want fancy, old style bathtub with a waterfall tap, Matthew wants a simplistic modern bathroom. The only thing we can agree on, is what tiles we want haha. Oh and to have a shower added to the room.

On a plus note Matthew finally laid the new laminate flooring in Jesse’s room today, after he finished a shift at work. It’s looks lovely, ready to wallpaper and assemble his new bed.

We’re making all these changes, due to us finally putting the paper work in to buy the house. It’s currently rented through the council, and it states we had to live here 5 years before we could buy it. The 5 Year mark is September this year! So we’re super excited to buy our forever home.

Also to follow this Year, is the garden to be completely landscaped.

Wish us luck! Updates to follow.

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