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Anxiety…It doesn’t give you a free pass!

Over the past week, on twitter and many other social media accounts. I have seen some of the most vicious claims about people I know. I have also seen comments made about people I don’t really know.

The people spouting these comment then try and back themselves up with claims of suffering from anxiety, PND and many other mental health issues.

These are my reasons why using mental health as an excuse to be an outright douchebag pisses me off!

1. Just because you have a mental health issue, doesn’t give you a free pass to be a dick!

2. While you’re running around acting a douchebag you’re actually making it harder for mental health to be taken seriously!

3. Also while you’re slating someone online and internet bullying them, you do know you could be affecting someone’s mental health?

4. Mental health is a hard enough subject to talk about, and with you using it as an excuse to act the way you do, you’re actually stopping people opening up about it. Because no one would want to be associated with your behaviour!

5. Not everyone who suffers with any form of mental health is an absurd douche!

6. Finally you can’t go around slating people then acting a victim of your own stupidity by using mental health as an excuse!

By the way, I’d like to add, I’ve suffered with anxiety since the age of 8. So 20 years now, I’ve also had severe post natal depression! Not once have I used it as an excuse for the things I’ve said.

In a world of the internet and blogging, it’s easy for anyone to say what they wish, and use any excuse for the things they have said and posted.

When you’re actually doing damage to a worthy cause, for once be a grown up and own up to your own stupidity and wrong doings. Because not only are people getting annoyed at it, you’re giving other sufferers a bad name!

P.s! You can’t internet bully someone and be a victim at the same time!

16 thoughts on “Anxiety…It doesn’t give you a free pass!

  1. Very well said. I am very happy that there is more awareness about mental health – it is greatly needed. However, I feel that a lot of people are using it as an excuse for bad behaviour and that is not on. You need to take responsibility for your actions.


  2. Completely agree! I can’t believe people would use mental health in that way – maybe if it was schizophrenia or a personality disorder. Anxiety makes it harder for me to live my life but I wouldn’t use it as an excuse to be mean x


  3. I know which post you are talking about here and I have to admit I was horrified to see PND being used as part of an excuse. I have lived with mental illness my whole life and would never use it as an excuse for my behaviour.


  4. So true, you shouldn’t use anything as an excuse for bad behaviour really. I have anxiety and depression and, like you, had post natal depression as well. It’s tough to deal with, but other people being whingey or mean to other people and hiding behind it just makes the rest of us who try so hard look bad.


  5. Thank you for this. Coming out about my anxiety has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. In my blogging journey I have come across others who make me want to climb back into my “silence” hole. Your words inspire me to keep talking.

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    1. Your very welcome, but never ever let anyone silence you. You have anxiety, but that is not all you are in this world! Your a beautiful soul, let that shine through x

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