Should I quit blogging?

When I started this journey to blog, it was because I love writing! I love to write about normal life, the boring, the awkward & the funny stuff. I did it as a hobby, not as a lifestyle, something to help pass the time & to maybe show other people that having a normal life is okay!

Yet along this journey, I’ve found out it doesn’t matter if you write from the heart, alls that matters is the follower count, the likes and your DA scoring. To be fair at the start of my blogging quest I had no idea what a DA scoring was!! Apparently it’s rather important if you want to be able to review stuff for companies.

I thought blogging would be a nice escape from normal life and to fill the time when all 3 children are at school. Something to take my mind off my anxiety, yet it hasn’t.

I’m really starting to fall out of love with blogging, mainly due to the fact it comes across that unless you have thousands of followers, your words don’t really matter. I must admit I have come across some really nice welcoming people in the blogging community, some that I will talk to on a daily basis.

On the flip side, I have also come across, some rather unpleasant characters, the ones that unless your face and follower count don’t suit they won’t engage with you whatsoever.

I’ve come to the conclusion, that blogging really is a weird combination. You can engage with lots of people to try and get your posts seen, and you’ll get nothing back. Yet other times their are genuine people out there who want to help a fellow bloggers out.

So now I’m sat here thinking do I carry on…… Or do I admit defeat and give up???

5 thoughts on “Should I quit blogging?

  1. Never give up on something that you enjoy, it doesn’t matter if people reading your post just do it for you. Understand what you mean, I have come across people who don’t respond or engage with you. I keep going, I keep writing because it’s something that really frees my soul. I don’t care if I get one like or a thousand, I’m going to always do what I want, the way I want❤️ Continue to write. Thanks for your honesty 😍

    Natonya |


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