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Injury guilt!

So 2 weeks ago I somehow damaged all the nerves in my shoulder, I don’t know how, it might of been from trying to carry some really heavy drawers upstairs. The pain is agony, I’ve been to the doctors numerous times now and they’ve put on me 3 different tablets to help sort it out.

  1. 30mg codeine
  2. Diazepam
  3. Naproxen

They are pretty strong doses, which means mummy is out of parenting duties at the moment!

The guilt is real!! I’ve been put on sofa rest, doctors orders. I can’t lift or move my left arm, this wouldn’t be a problem for most people. Yet I’m left handed!!! So the struggle is real.

Matt helps when he’s not at work, but as he starts at 6am he can’t help with the school run. Which is a nightmare when you have two girls and hair to put up neatly, it’s also a game to try and do shirt buttons up. Luckily our 8 year old has been helping her younger siblings with getting ready.

Even simple tasks like opening a bottle of pop is out! I’m trying to push myself through the pain though so I can do normal tasks. I just pretend it doesn’t hurt, when secretly inside I’m in agony.

I’ve got the doctors again next week for injections into the nerves to see if that will help. The GP has stated it can take weeks/months for it to get better, but I haven’t got the patience to wait that long for it to heal. I know I’ve got to be careful in what I’m doing so I don’t cause more damage.

The guilt just gets heartbreaking, when you can’t do normal things with the kids, or when they ask if I’m taking the tablets that make me sleepy, because if anyone has even been on codeine & diazepam you will know they knock you out!

Hoping the injections next week are some sort of miracle cure, so this momma can get back to parenting & momma duties!

13 thoughts on “Injury guilt!

  1. Sending hugs, I know how you feel. My meds either leave me feeling ok or a total zombie and when you’re a parent the guilt hits hard. School days are hard but remember that the girls will love snuggling up on days off with a film. Hopefully your shoulder improves soon and the injections help! You can’t help being in pain and struggling, you’re still doing the best you can xx

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    1. Thank you, just feel crappy. I have a list of jobs that need doing & within 20 mins I’m far too drowsy to safely do them xx


  2. I know, it’s so hard for us as moms to admit when can’t do something and need support. Hopefully you are on the mend. Take care & rest!


  3. It’s worst when you can’t do normal things with them…. Like when you catch flu… You’ll missed bonding time but you don’t want to infect them…. It’s like worst come to worst….. I wish you well….


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