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Children’s book review

So i was given the opportunity to review a book with the children, called “The Adventures of Frank and Diesel” 

It’s a sweet story about two dogs, who on a lovely summers day, decided to go on an adventure. On this adventure they come across a circus, clowns, lions, elephants & jugglers. During this sweet tale, Diesel loses Frank.

Frank himself has decided to join in the circus tricks and ask Diesel to join him. Both dogs loved their adventure to the circus. This is a really nice, lovely, easy to read book. The illustrations perfectly fit the feel of the book, all 3 of our children loved this book. I would say it’s more designed for early readers aged between 5-8.

Our middle child who is autistic and has an obsession for dogs, absolutely loves this book! Since we received it, she hasn’t stopped trying to read it. I will defiantly be following the Author Melanie Slack and the illustrations by Katie Green.

What makes this book more lovely is its inspired by 2 real dogs. 5-year-old Diesel who is a Saint Bernard, and 1-year-old Frank who is a Pug! Frank being a pug made it an even bigger hit with our autistic daughter, as they are her favourite breed of dogs.

You can even follow their adventures on facebook @frankanddiesel


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