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Women supporting women!

So today i took a huge step in the blogging world! I went self hosted!!! I finally got my own domain as well, which you will see. I have been debating with myself so weeks about whether or not to do this. Yet this morning thanks to 3 amazing women, i finally took the plunge!

Sometimes, the blogging world can feel lonely and hard. Yet today with the help of these 3 women, i finally decided to take my huge step! With their words of encouragement and wisdom, i thought it was the right move to do.

These ladies are

Claire at: thismummyrocks

Ember at: relentlesslypurple

Karen at: catskidschaos

Not only are they amazing bloggers, you should really go check their blogs out! Theyre amazing mothers and friends! Without their help, I would still be stressing and wondering where i am going wrong in the blogging world. Sometimes all we need is a good chat and some humour to make us more focused.

Dealing with anxiety, makes me so hard on myself. This past week alone, i have felt like quitting at least 10 times a day. I have gone through every emotion, I’ve tried to change the theme, the content, the images, the logo, the header! Yet I’m really happy with the theme and my content as it’s ME!

After speaking to these 3 ladies, they gave me the confidence boost that I truly needed. So thank you ladies for supporting other women, and resorting my faith in the blogging world!!


One thought on “Women supporting women!

  1. Aw! I’m glad you are happy, sometimes we just need to go for it even though anxiety loves to try and stop us. I can’t wait to see you and the blog grow! I know blogging has boosted my own self-confidence and I may still be an anxious mess but the support through the blogging network makes so much difference day to day. Keep up the fab writing and Happy day 😁 xx

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