Team no sleep…

So, what’s life-like being a mother to an autistic child you may ask???

Well, there isn’t a straight forward answer to that question, every autistic child is different. They all have different struggles & needs. For us the biggest struggle we have is Meadow-Elizabeth’s sleeping pattern, or non-existent sleeping pattern. She did get medicated for 2 weeks, and that 2 weeks was bliss!!! I could finally sleep, which is an unknown feeling in this household.

It’s currently 11pm as I’m writing this, and Meadow-Elizabeth is wide awake watching tv. Normally I wouldn’t mind but this past weekend i have been lucky to get 4 hours sleep a day! This is my biggest struggle, on so little sleep i still have to deal with the daily life as a mother of 3 and a wife to be.

Some days i do wonder how i manage to survive on so little sleep, i guess my body is just used to it by now. I know it’s not healthy, i know i should get more sleep. I also know if i was to visit my GP they would prescribe me sleeping tablets straight away. Yet when it comes to children with additional needs they just don’t like to help. We have been to so many “sleep clinics” we’ve tried so many different methods and alternative treatments. NONE WORK!

What did work was melatonin! That drug was amazing!! Yet after 2 weeks of being able to use it, our GP decided it was no longer needed, because it worked!! YES! They stopped us having a treatment that worked, because it worked for 2 weeks! That was over 3 months ago now. So we’re back at the starting line again, back to fighting to get back a treatment to hopefully get this household some sleep.

Yes, I know not every parent would want to give their child a drug that would make them sleep, but unless you’ve lived with a child at the age of 6 doesn’t sleep at all. Then you would understand. When you cooking food at 2am to please a wide awake 6-year-old, while you’re trying not to fall asleep standing up. Then you would understand. Sometimes that’s all us autism parents need, is someone to understand the daily struggles we go through.


22 thoughts on “Team no sleep…

  1. Could you change GP? I totally agree with you, no one likes the idea of kid taking medication but it’s not healthy for your or her to constantly run on so little sleep! My brother has aspergers he slept maybe 2-3 hours a night tops, it is difficult for everyone xx

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    1. I could, but it’s the best GPs in the area 😩 they just don’t like giving it out anymore, most parents were using to to make their kids sleep on flights etc so kind of screwed it up for the parents who need it xx


  2. Stay strong and power through, you are doing great as a mother. You have a long road ahead and you are going to be awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh my gosh I have no idea how you are doing it. When our twins were little and I was awake so much with them I would feel sick and like a zombie. I take my hat off to you and I hope someone listens soon


  4. I have no idea how you’re doing it – but you’re amazing for it! I have a brother on the spectrum, and I completely understand that every child is different, however they’re all beautiful in there own way! ♥︎

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  5. Oh my it sounds like it was a wonder drug for you and I’m so sorry they stopped it. Hope you can get it prescribed again because no sleep is just no fun at all. Hugs x


  6. Oh no 😕 I completely feel for you. We’ve been on team no sleep before and I ended up being sick almost every other week with the lurgies. Probably from being more prone to catching things from sleep deprivation. Could you change doctors? You need sleep to be able to function. Stay strong! X


  7. That must be so incredibly hard, I don’t know how you manage to function. I can’t believe your doctor stopped the medication that was helping your daughter sleep. I hope you find a solution.


  8. Bless you, you sound as if you’re doing your best and as if you know what’s working best for her but you’re not getting much help with it. I don’t think anyone can judge you. I recently watched the BBC show There She Goes (highly recommend it!) And it really hits home how there is often no one right way to parent especially in circumstances where every child has unique needs…, you just end up learning as you go and doing the best for your particular kid. As everyone else has said, you’re doing a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing this, I’m sure other parents feeling similar appreciate it.


  9. I had a similar problem with Oscar. And when he first started school he went for three days with no sleep whatsoever. No one could understand how. It was exhausting for all of us so I do understand how you’re feeling. Sending big hugs and hoping things get better for you soon.

    Louise x


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