Matt’s tattoo removal!

As you can tell from the title, this post is about Matthew having his hideous tattoo removed by laser treatments. He got the tattoo many years ago, it wasn’t professionally done!! Which is one of the reasons it’s got to go. The other reason he wants it gone, is because it holds no significant value to him anymore. He has a date tattooed on him, that no one close to him or me really understand why he would get that done.

The tattoo that’s being removed.

Most of use get tattoos they are the ‘norm’ nowadays, but sometimes people rush into having one done that they don’t think logically about if your circumstances change in the future. Matt’s has changed a hell of a lot since the time he got inked. He now deeply regrets getting it done, as he doesn’t like it whatsoever.

We’ve looked into the best places to go for tattoo removal, and have a place booked. It will take a few weeks/months to get rid of it completely and cost a few hundred pounds to do so. Yet we aren’t bothered about the cost, as it’s a part of Matthews life he wants rid of. He has also booked into a tattoo artist as well to get some new ink. The new design will incorporate the children’s names, and the day of their adoption being final.

We have all been in a place in our lives where we thought what we were doing was an amazing idea. Yet after we take a step back and really think logically, we totally regret that decision. This is how Matthew feels about the tattoo on his side.

I never knew he wanted to get rid of it until I asked about myself getting a new tattoo, and he then stated he regrets the one on his side and how it’s hold no significant meaning to him anymore. This, from my point of view is a good reason to get it removed. He could just get it covered up, but then still it’s on his body which defeats the logic.

I’m all for people having tattoos, but I also think people should be more logical about getting them done. Always make sure, it’s something you don’t mind being on your body for the rest of your life, also make sure it’s done professionally! So many people go for the cheap options and have a friend do their tattoos! Which is crazy to me! You wouldn’t let an unqualified surgeon operator on you! So why would you allow an unqualified tattoo artist do the same! A tattoo is something your stuck with for life, unless you pay hundreds to get it removed!

Matthew was one of these naive people, who didn’t get it done professionally and is now paying hundreds/thousands to get a hideous tattoo removed! He has learnt from his mistakes thankfully!

The removal process, will start with the names & dates he doesn’t want anymore, before moving on to the bigger design itself. The reason they’re starting with names & dates, is because the ink is fading anyway so they will be the easiest to get rid off! They had said it will only take 2 sittings for them to disappear.

I will keep everyone updated on his process of the tattoo removal.

18 thoughts on “Matt’s tattoo removal!

  1. My hubby has some hideous tattoos which i would love to see gone! It’s interesting to read about this and I hope the removal process is not too painful


  2. I had 5 laser removal sessions. Unfortunately mine didn’t completely disappear and it scarred a little. I did get a cover up which was the main goal but sometimes you can feel it underneath when I’m cold.
    Luckily Matthew’s one looks pretty faint already so I hope it goes well for him! 😊


  3. Gosh, I’ve heard it hurts more to have tatts removed than to have them in the first place. Reminds you to really think before you get inked! Hope it doesn’t cost too much or hurt too much to get rid!


  4. Fingers crossed the removal goes smoothly and more importantly works. My hubby got a tattoo 17 years ago but still loves it to this day. It’s a design that was unique and he’s considering another but is thinking very carefully about the design before he goes ahead.


  5. I just have one tattoo, and it took me about ten years to decide what to get because I wanted to be absolutely sure. That was another ten years ago, and so far I’ve not regretted it.


  6. I don’t think it’s too awful in the grand scheme of non-professional tattoos. I’ve seen some truly awful scratcher tats! It’s all about what it means to you though and I’m glad he’s got your support on the money front when it comes to getting rid of it.


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