Mmm i like cake!

So I was kindly gifted a bakerdays letter box cake for my birthday! I got to personalise it, and chose which design i wanted. Which was super cute! The cake came in a cutely designed tin, with a little card and  a tab to help remove the cake. It was not damaged at all in transit and fit perfectly through our letterbox, i really enjoyed the cake as well. All 5 of us got a piece and so did 2 of my friends! It is only meant to serve 1 to 2 people, but i was so excited i wanted everyone to try a piece. It was really moist ans tasty, the sponge was bouncy and soft and the icing was delicious. I honestly would absolutely order from bakerdays again!

My perfect bakerdays birthday cake.

A little bit about bakerdays, not only can you order cakes from them, but you can also get cupcakes, balloons, candles and many more products. They have over 1000 designs you can pick from, but if they don’t have a design you want, you can contact them and they work the perfect design out for you. The cake can come with next day delivery depending on time of order. You can also ordered up to 1 year in advance!!! How amazing is that!

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