Christmas has begun…

Yesterday we decided to go to the German christmas market in Birmingham, it has been something I have always wanted to do, mainly because I have German in my blood. You see my Grandma was born in Germany, and so was my “dad”. Germany has always been close to my heart, I love German food, clothes, beer, language and the culture.

So I was super excited when Matt woke me up and told me that we were off to the German market. I seriously had the time of my life, the smell was absolutely amazing! The combination of the smell of Christmas and traditional German food and beer.

Santa, Carousel, German beer and Gingerbread.

There are so many stalls from food and drink to cute little Christmas decorations, I picked up a few decorations because I couldn’t help myself. My favourite has to be a nativity scene that you put candles in, and the heat from the candles slowly turn it around. On that same stall, I also brought a small wooden christmas tree which came with it own small baubles, they also had nutcracker from tiny christmas tree ones. To the much bigger ones! I totally wanted to buy one, but Matt is freaked out by them so he wouldn’t let me……. So I’m going back without him to get one haha.

A few items I purchased. 

I would highly recommend if possible taking a trip over to the market, I would say avoid weekends if possible as that’s when the market is at its busiest. Also get the train, its saves on trying to find decent parking, also you won’t need to worry if you have a beer or two. You can even take the children if you want to, there is a few stalls that sell sweets, cakes, candy floss and they will all love the carousel. We spent around 5 hours at the market and I honestly didn’t think we spent enough time looking around, I do plan on going again this year. I’m also making it a yearly tradition to attend now, also i’m super lucky as Matthew has arranged for us to go to a christmas market in Germany next year as well!

The one thing I would say about the market is make sure you take a fair bit of money with you if you’re looking at buying anything, as some things can be a bit on the costly side. A beer is £4.50 for a pint and you do need to pay £3 for a deposit for the glass, this because people like to take them home or smash them after one too many. Also the gingerbread house in the photo above, cost me £18.50. Yes, i know you can buy cheaper from the local supermarket, but i fell in love with it. Also the ingredients are all in German, so maybe get someone to translate if you can’t read or speak German.

My favourite stall at the market was the garlic sausage stall, now anyone who knows me in real life away from the blogging world. They will tell you, the way to my heart is proper German garlic sausage. I have been brought up eating proper German garlic sausage! We used to argue as kids about eating the last slice, my fridge always smells of garlic because i pack it full of the stuff!! Yet guttingly i actually forgot to pick some up!! Like i got to excited about being there, that i actually forgot to go and buy some garlic sausage!

I have always loved the fact that i have German hertiage, and yesterday surronded by the smells, i got a feeling of being at home. I am super excited about going again.

7 thoughts on “Christmas has begun…

  1. I had a great day from the moment I woke up to the point my head hit the pillow for bed. It was worth every penny spent on the day. This is the first I’ve ever been to the German market in Birmingham and I agree this has to done if you’ve never been before, if it’s not to spend money then go just to breathe in the culture of all the stalls . *Remember take plenty of pennies with you if you want to buy a few gifts as you will probably want to buy everything in sight.

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  2. This is the first year in the last 7 that I won’t be heading over the channel to see some Christmas markets. However, I’m making up for it by visiting some in the UK. I went to a ‘local’ one in Bury St Edmunds last week – am away this coming weekend, so hope to see a christmas market there too!


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