Bare Vida review

We were gifted some lovely reusable bamboo straws from Bare Vida, these are made in Bali. An amazing woman called Harriet set up Bare Vida, after she was in Bali learning to surf, she could see herself what the terrible impact plastic has done to the world oceans. From this her mission of making reusable utensils was born.

Being in Bali, I also had access to all the amazing natural resources – like bamboo, sustainably-sourced cotton, and more. Bamboo grows so fast (without any chemicals too!) so it’s a GREAT, strong alternative to plastic.

In the UK alone we waste 76kg per person, per year!!! In the UK we also waste over 8 billion plastic straws each year, which find their way onto beaches and into the oceans. This obviously causes problems for marine life. By using these straws from Bare Vida, not only will we help minimise the plastic waste, but we can also help plastic waste affecting sea life. Bare Vida don’t just do plastic straws they also, produce cutlery sets aswell. All being local sourced, which also helps the local people have a job.

On receiving our straws, I loved the fact that they came in recyclable packing, with no waste at all. It also came with a cleaners, which was also locally made and cleans the straws after every use. I would highly recommend buying from Bare Vida, they are doing an amazing job and their mission needs to be heard.

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