Scientology is it a cult? Part 1.

I have always been intrigued by Scientology; I have researched it for many years trying to find out why so many people join this “religion”. Why do so many celebrities join as well, what really does this new age religion have to offer, that literally costs you thousands of pounds to be a part of.

So what is Scientology?

Scientology is a “religion” that is based around the works of one man. L. Ron Hubbard. In his works, he decided we are not human beings; we are actually spiritual beings that just exist in a body.

Scientology comprises a body of knowledge which extends from certain fundamental truths. Prime among these are:

Man is an immortal spiritual being.

His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.

His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.

So yes we as human kind, as not really human, we are a spiritual being that is not limited to our own capable abilities. Because if you follow the working of L. Ron Hubbard and work your way up to the “Bridge to Total Freedom”. You, yourself will become a free spiritual being. You will discard of the body that you have used all of your life and go on to become a higher spiritual being.

My own opinion on Scientology

After researching, and watching documentaries around Scientology, my honest opinion, is that this isn’t a religion but a cult. You can joining the Sea Org when you turn 12 years old with your parents consent, yet after researching, your parents don’t really have a choice because they are then told they are holding you back from helping all of mankind.

Also during your time in the Church of Scientology, you will see your bank balance drain, after being made to do courses and auditing. Auditing is basically therapy, because this is what Scientologist believe will help you, it will end up with you paying thousands and thousands of pounds for the help. Yet Scientologist don’t believe in therapy, so it’s their own made up therapy, where you will be asked questions, and if you don’t answer correctly, you will need more auditing and sometimes after all of that will be classed as an SP “suppressive person”.

So now you may want to know what Scientology classes as an SP, basically an SP is anyone who goes against the teaching or criticized the church.  So anyone who doesn’t believe in the church is classed as an enemy of the church, some of these enemies are ex-Scientologist. Now what happens if you have been classed as an SP, well your family basically disconnect from you. The church says disconnecting isn’t a part of their teachings, yet it doesn’t take a 2 second Google search to find out that this is bullshit. Your own wife, husband, mother, father and children are basically told they must choice between you or their religion. By this point, main Scientologist are far beyond brainwashed that they choice to disconnect with their family.

After being classed as a SP the church doesn’t stop there, they also have a policy called the “Fair Game” policy, which means any enemy of the church is fair game, to be tricked, followed and destroyed. As an SP, you will no doubt get PI’s follow you, you will have you car/s followed, family members will be followed, and they will receive phone calls. Even your neighbours will be hassled; they will have random people asking some very farfetched questions, I.E do you know is Mr A is a child molester? Do you know Mrs B is an alcoholic? The questions are just there to destroy your reputation within a community. Even after that, they don’t stop; some unfortunate people have had protestors turn up at their homes, at their jobs and their children’s schools.

To me this isn’t what a religion does! A religion is something you should be free to practise, and free to leave! A true religion wouldn’t have these bullshit policies to punish you, to harass you, to destroy you! Also a religion treats children as children! Well not in Scientology, they treat children just like adults, after all they are just a spiritual being in a tiny body.

Oh yes also if you have mental health issues, well your screwed because Scientology doesn’t believe in normal practises of treating mental health issues, basically you should take you Vitamins and do a introspection rundown, which means your locked in a room 24/7 for weeks on end, no one will talk to you and apparently your mental health issues will just run out of energy. If something bad happens to you, well tough shit, as a core belief in Scientology is that’s your own fault, be it your raped, assaulted, robbed. That is your own fault! Crazy right! Scientology has been rife with childhood sex abuse claims, all of which have never it to a criminal court, why you may ask. This is due to fact, it is told to you from a very young age within the church that the church deals with things internally, also by the time many church members leave; it is too late to report the crime taking place. Also one of the contracts you sign, you agree that anything bad that happens is not the churches fault and you take full responsibility for.





16 thoughts on “Scientology is it a cult? Part 1.

    1. It is a cult, their main following now comes from existing members and their children! It’s shocking, how they get away with the stuff they do


  1. Oh my, I am not sure I like the sound of this at all…so expensive to never see the end of the “therapy” and then be labelled anyway! It is all quite scary


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