My goals for 2019!

I have never really wrote a goal list, mainly because i always forget to follow it! Also my goals change throughout the year. Yet this year i really want to stick to a goal list. So for this year i am setting myself 5 goals, that i want to achieve by the end of 2019!

  • Write more blog post.
    I want to write at least 2/3 posts a week, now i have my new laptop and desk set up. I want to continue to write more, i also plan on doing more review posts if possible.
  • Finally finish renovating the house.
    This is goal is a must! Currently we have finished around 70% of the house, after having a new staircase put in last year, and the whole house re-plastered.
    I have finished decorating the kid’s bedrooms, living room and hallway. Our bedroom is half finished. The only rooms we haven’t touched yet, is the bathroom and kitchen. This is due to the fact we are having them ripped out and new put in.
  • Venture out more.
    This may not be a major thing to most people, but for me it’s huge!!! I hate going out if i don’t need to. Yet this year i want to go and meet a few friend’s i’ve meet through blogging. The first person i’m planning on going to see is Ember  she has become such a close friend, we have daily chats, she is always there for me when i need someone as well! Also Ember has helped me so much through my blogging journey.
  • Grow my instagram engagement.
    I did pretty well through 2018 on instagram, my engagement wasn’t the best, yet i set up a little group thinking no one would want to be apart of it. How wrong was i!!! Through this little group i have met some of the best instagrammers, and i’m lucky that i get to call them my friends. They are the following. Living_with_peas  is a mummy of twins, yet she is lovely, and so much fun! Kayleigh Omg! This mummy is amazing! She’s always there to cheer me up! Plus her instagram is so beautiful!
  • Own a pair of Louboutins
    There is a pair of high top Louboutins that i have had my eye on for ages, yet the price tag is the only thing that has put me off buying them haha. Yet this year, i am going to at some point buy them for myself, I don’t know when, or when i will wear them. Yet we all deserve to treat ourselves right 🙂
  • That’s it for my goals of 2019! Hopefully i will stick to this list and be able to write follow up posts, when i have completed every single goal. Keep a look out for my new posts of 2019!!

8 thoughts on “My goals for 2019!

  1. I feel like we have so much in common from reading this! I have some similar goals for 2019 and I also have met some really great mommas on Instagram including you! keep doing your thing girl xx

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