Scientology is it a cult? Part 2

If you’ve read my previous post on my own views surrounding Scientology, whether or not I think it’s a cult. Well this is part 2! If you haven’t read part 1, you can, and i would suggest you do so, before reading this post.

Tax Exemption. 

So for Scientology really to be classed as a religion, they had to become tax exempt. Now this would sound normal and easy right? Well no, this is scientology after all. For over 2 decades Scientology wasn’t classed as a church, so LRH was legally obligated to pay taxes on any money the “church” made. LRH didn’t pay these taxes and this is why he made the Sea Org, he’s thinking behind this, was due to no legal law abides over the seas. At the time when they finally did get tax exemption, the “church” owed around 1 billion dollars! They paid $12.5million.

During the time the “church” wasn’t declared tax exempt, they did some dirty tricks, to help them on their way. The hired PI’s to follow and investigate any IRS worker they could. They had files stolen from the IRS! YES! This actually happened and one of the people sentenced was L. Ron Hubbard’s own wife. During this time the “church” also enter many lawsuits against the IRS. Nothing ever came from these legal battles, yet this never stop the “church”.

Blackmail was another tactic, Scientology would use, to  not only intimidate IRS workers, but also their family members. One PI even did an interview about how a church member entered his office, and offered him 1 million dollars, to start investigating one IRS worker. The “church” did respond to this claim by stating they had offered another family 2 million. Never did they deny that!

Scientology was declared tax exempt on October 13th 1993, David Miscavige announced this at a 2 hour-long speech at a Scientology gathering within LA, during this speech he stated the following.

No other group in the history of this country has ever been subject to the assault I have briefed you on tonight,” he said, calling it “the war to end all wars.

Miscavige said, the IRS had agreed to distribute a fact sheet describing Scientology and Hubbard. “It is very complete and very accurate,” Miscavige said. “Now, how do I know? We wrote it! And the IRS will be sending it out to every government in the world.

Any other religion that has owed back taxes to the IRS, their agreements have all been made public, Scientology on the other hand, their records are sealed and not for public viewing.


How much does it cost?

Well, this can differ from person to person. To start off with it will start with little amounts to get you sucked in, the first thing you will do is a free questionnaire. At the end of this, it will basically tell you what a shitty person you are haha. After this you will be offered course to go onto OT1. Bare in mind all these courses are prepaid, most people who have started the purification rundown, they have spent anywhere from $50,000 dollar upwards for each person! They also get forced into paying this fee, because if they don’t then you are classed as an SP. When your classed as an SP and declared, as you know from Part 1, you will be disconnected from any family members and friends within the church. Not only that, they will send people to your home and work place to bug you until you will pay for it. In total it is estimated it will cost around 2 millions dollars, to work your way up the bridge. On top of courses, you will have to pay for books and auditing. So far the books make Scientology annually around 1.75 millions dollars a year! There isn’t a rough estimate on how much auditing will cost, as this is based from person to person.

If your within the “church” and have join the Sea Org, after you’ve started your courses and learnt the “skills” they teach you, but then you decide to leave. Well, its greats that your out of this cult, but you will be left with a policy the “church” has called a Freeloaders debt! This is a debt they will try to enforce on you to pay back for services, you have never even taken. The “church” also states they have a “refund policy” or Repayment policy, this sounds good as stated above all courses are prepaid. Well say goodbye to any money you have paid into the “church” because as soon as you’re classed as an SP, you’re not allowed to enter the “church” buildings to fill out the form to start the process. Also I wouldn’t even bother trying to sue them for your money, because now it’s classed as a “church” courts won’t get involved.

Many ex-scientologist that have left, not only have no high school education, they have no experience with getting a normal job, or normal wages! So many of these ex-scientologist that do leave are left bankrupt. Also many old people who try to leave can’t even claim a pension, this is because, many of them spent their lives serving for the Sea Org, your wages working for this part of the church is around $38 a week! Clearly this doesn’t leave much to pay towards a living pension, and this is why, still today many older members of the church stay there. They know, there is no way they could get a job and earn enough to pay for them to live outside of the church, they have no back up pension, no saving, nothing!

This is it for Part 2!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

5 thoughts on “Scientology is it a cult? Part 2

  1. You’ve certainly done your research! An fascinating read and evidence (if I ever really needed it) that it’s a risky business getting involved…to say the least. #ThatFridayLinky


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