What i do when i have writers block…

Yes I know this post, sounds a bit silly. Writing a post about what i do when i can’t write!!

Normally when I sit down to write, i will put my headphones in, listen to music and the words just start to flow. Yet every now and then, i will get writers block, or I’m too stressed, under the weather etc. When i have days like this, i will try listening to music, but that doesn’t work because i end up just dancing around my bedroom or living room!! Other times i will message friends, to rant and moan about not being able to think of what to write, sometimes i also just sit and stare aimlessly at the screen for a good hour or so, hoping this will give me spark.

I will even try to start writing different blog posts, which end up with a title and maybe a sentence or two. Then i lose hope and just save them as a draft to finish off at a later date. After this i will go run myself a bath, relax, unwind, and hope it jump starts my brain into writing a masterpiece haha! Sometimes this does work, but sometimes it doesn’t and i just end up binge watching Netflix instead. Which can also help my writers block, if i get stuck into a really good documentary, I normally want to write a post about it. That’s where my Scientology is it a cult? Part 1. came from. I was suffering with major writers block, got sucked into the docu-series about it and boom, I have written a few parts so far.

That’s the thing with blogging, sometimes i can stay up really late, on these nights i managed to write a few posts and schedule them to post. Other times, i might not be able to write for a few days, i definitely get writers block a lot, I put this down to lack of sleep. My 6-year-old daughter, has a really bad relationship with sleep haha! The brain fog i get on the days when I’ve had around 3 hours sleep is unreal, this can last for a week or longer.

If any newbie bloggers are reading this and worrying about having writer’s block. DON’T!! It literally happens to us all!

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