Zimpli Kids Review.

Just before christmas we were kindly sent some items from Zimpli Kids to review. We received their Gelli bath, Slime bath and SnoBall. The kid’s were super excited to try them all out, the first one they decided to use was the green slime bath, which was expected as kids have gone slime crazy the past year haha.

All of them come individually boxed, with instructions on how to use them, also they tell you how to dissolve them, so they don’t make a mess of the drainage system. The Gelli Bath, does come with a powder to dissolve it, which is amazing. Unfortunately the Slime Bath doesn’t, which is my only issue. It does say to just run the cold tap to help dissolve the Slime Bath, this wasn’t the case for us. It took me over an hour to finally get rid of it haha.

So as I stated above the 1st one we tried was the Slime Bath, it was really easy to do, and the kids had so much fun!!!! They didn’t want to get out the bath, they were sliding everywhere haha! Jesse-James said the green one reminded him of snot haha!


Green Slime Bath!

They spent around 30 mins playing with it. They did need a bath after they had finished playing with it, due to them being very sticky and slimy haha.

We also used the Gelli Bath, which they have used before, they love the stuff. It is super easy to use and just gives them a little bit more fun at bath time, it’s super easy to get rid of as well. You just sprinkle over the powder it comes with and it dissolves. After that, it just turns the bath into a coloured bath. They loved it so much they’ve made me buy some more. So the Gelli Bath and Slime Bath were both a hit in our house.

As it was approaching the Christmas holidays, we decided to use the SnoBall product nearer to Christmas, as we knew we weren’t going to have a white christmas. In the box you get 4 sachets, that will make at least 60 Snoballs. To me it felt like the lining of a nappy, but it was so much fun to be able to have a snowball fight with the children during christmas. It’s also environmentally safe, which is a plus. The kids loved it! It also helped with it being around christmas! I would highly recommend anyone to buy it for the Christmas holidays, especially if you know you’re not in an area that will get snow. It really does help the kids have a little bit more magic.

After reviewing all the products that we have been sent. I will definitely being buying from Zimpli Kids again, my only issue was with the Slime Bath. It didn’t dissolve as easily as it stated it would. I definitely think they could maybe included a dissolvant powder, like they do in the Gelli Bath.

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