Brain Works Review!

So we were kindly sent a selection of Brain Works bars, they have a range of different healthy treat bars that you can buy. Each bar contains Magnesium and Copper, to help keep you thinking sharp and keep your energy levels up.

I tasted all 3 bars that you can buy. seed & nut. berry & nut. oat, peanut & berry. They all were individually tasty, I did have a favorite though which was seed & nut. I put this down to during my childhood, when we had horses I would always snack on pumpkin seeds and nuts during competitions. In my honest opinion, I would say these bars are perfect if you’re going out hiking, for a snack at a work desk and a busy parent.

Brain works bars.

As I received 6 of each bar, I gave some to friends I know to see what they thought as them as well. The feedback I got from my friends was that they would definitely buy them again, they tasted absolutely delicious, and even though all of them contained some of the same ingredients. They didn’t all taste the same, which they were pleasantly surprised by. They all had different favorite bars, but the clear winner amongst my friends was the Berry & Nut bar.

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