Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday!

Recently I’ve been thinking about what self-care I do, which is very little, being a mother of 3. One who has autism is tough and hectic, I just don’t find the time to do anything for myself normally, my day to day life is always about the children and what they need/want.

After feeling really down & poorly the past few weeks, I thought maybe it about time I set aside some me time. without feeling guilty, because let’s face it mum guilt sucks. So today I decided I was going to start a weekly routine of self-care Sunday.

This morning after making pancakes and strawberries for the kid’s breakfast, which I did have some as well haha! I’m a sucker for pancakes, I put a film on the TV for them, which was beauty and the beast. I went upstairs to my bedroom and used a face mask, I’ve been wanting to try for ages!!!

The face mask I used is by Yes to it has Vitamin C, Grapefruit and pink kaolin clay to enhance your glow while minimizing pores and shine. As I’m very fair skinned, I normally don’t have a naturally glowing skin. So I thought I would give this a try, it’s also currently, ‘buy one get one, half price‘ in Holland and Barrett.


It’s really simple to use, you keep in on around 5-10 minutes and simply wash off. I was very skeptical about it, I really didn’t think it would make a difference to my complexion, as most face masks around don’t do what they say they will do. I kept it on for 10 mins, I could feel it drying as my skin got tighter like it normally does when using a mud mask. I washed it off as instructed on the package.

Safe to say it did make my skin look brighter and more even, it was also nice to take some time out for me. After seeing the difference it gave me a little bit of a confidence boost as well, my skin looks lovely and not so pale. So hopefully this will stop people asking me if I’m feeling okay, which is what I get on a day to day basis, stupid pale skin!!

Join me every Sunday for an update of Self-Care Sunday!

12 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday!

  1. Good for you! I’ve stopped feel guilty about putting the tv for jasmine so I can have a cup of tea and 10 minutes peace!


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