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The Versatile Blogger Award!

  Wow! So I was nominated by Deanna from She is lovely, she hasn't been blogging for long. Yet we blog is amazing, she's posts about her battle with anxiety & depression. Which is close to my heart, as I have battled depression and currently still have my daily battles with my anxiety! I… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award!

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House renovations… Wine needed!

Well it's that time again, we're staring our house renovations again. We've ordered a lovely kitchen from Ikea it's nice white gloss. Simple, with lots of storage. Plus it's been made to measure, so currently Matthew is ripping out our old cupboards and the tiles off the wall. We have managed to finally wallpaper, we… Continue reading House renovations… Wine needed!

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Dealing with a broken childhood… Part 1

This post is about my childhood, and how it shaped the person and mother I am today. It's not a fairy tale story of buttercups and Daisy, far from it actually. But it's the truth, MY TRUTH! Most people can look back at their childhoods and remember many fun adventures time's, birthdays, holidays, exciting memories… Continue reading Dealing with a broken childhood… Part 1