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The Versatile Blogger Award!

  Wow! So I was nominated by Deanna from She is lovely, she hasn't been blogging for long. Yet we blog is amazing, she's posts about her battle with anxiety & depression. Which is close to my heart, as I have battled depression and currently still have my daily battles with my anxiety! I… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award!

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Anxiety…It doesn’t give you a free pass!

Over the past week, on twitter and many other social media accounts. I have seen some of the most vicious claims about people I know. I have also seen comments made about people I don't really know. The people spouting these comment then try and back themselves up with claims of suffering from anxiety, PND… Continue reading Anxiety…It doesn’t give you a free pass!


Dealing with a broken childhood…. Part 2

Thought I'd come back to finish the post off from 6 days ago. I had a little break from writing, after I finished the post my anxiety went a bit haywire, that's the one of the things that still haunts me from my childhood. ANXIETY! After years of watching your mother get psychically abused by… Continue reading Dealing with a broken childhood…. Part 2